Drexler Ceramic

Here is our new venture.

Drexler Ceramic car coating


DIY kit for detailers and petrolheads.

New generation of Ceramic Coating




4 Tips to Easily Rent your Place at Higher Price

If you’re making an Buy and Hold investment, the main goal is to rent it easily and at a good price. There are simple things to do or invest in for a quick and profitable rent that your competitors will probably don’t do for a renting property.

So here are my simple tips:

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My first Rehab and Hold

So here it is, the first investment I made in 2011. At this time I was still a student in internship, and I really wanted to start investing in Real Estate. I was already investing in stocks but but I knew real estate could offer a better leverage.IMG_7824 (1)

So I motivated my parents to invest with me as I was unble to get a loan as a student (even with a good salary). We made a company, bought it, and started rehab!

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Smart Steps for Buying Your First Rental Property

Via Nuwireinvestor .

There are numerous examples of investors who have managed to build a successful and profitable property empire over the long term and like all property investors, there is always a first time.


Starting out in real estate investment can seem daunting and even stressful and the prospect of owning a portfolio of properties seems a long way away, but budding investors can soon get the hang of things and enjoy the fruits of their first rental property.

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How to retire young with real estate?

How to retire young with real estate and which strategy to use?

This is the big question most of us is wondering. The first step is to still be Young 🙂 Don’t worry, age is a state of ming. If you don’t know: My Mental Age Test

French typical buildings

French typical buildings

I will explain you my point of you about this question and also my strategy. Be free to copy it if you bieleve in it or make yours.

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